Who Uses Pluto LMS?

Designed for businesses, schools, and universities, it is a learning management solution that helps manage online courses, create training content, conduct quizzes, and more.

What Is Pluto LMS?

Pluto LMS is the easiest way to create and manage online courses.

You get your own Learning Management System with all the headaches of hosting, management and security covered by our service so that you can focus on your business.

Pluto LMS is white-labelled and branded as your own. You can add your logo, color scheme and you also get your own secure domain (URL).

It's perfect for creating and sharing online content, tracking analytics and managing users all in one system.

Pluto LMS Details

Pluto LMS


Founded 2015

Pluto LMS Software - Courses
Pluto LMS Software - Course Authoring
Pluto LMS Software - Machine Learning
Pluto LMS Software - 2000 Integrations
Pluto LMS Software - Your Branding
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Pluto LMS Software - Course Authoring - thumbnail
Pluto LMS Software - Machine Learning - thumbnail
Pluto LMS Software - 2000 Integrations - thumbnail
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Pluto LMS pricing overview

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Pluto LMS does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. Pluto LMS paid version starts at US$99,00/month.

Starting Price

US$99,00/month See pricing details

Free Version


Free Trial

Pluto LMS deployment and support


  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support
  • Chat


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-based
  • Android (Mobile)
  • iPhone (Mobile)
  • iPad (Mobile)


  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation
  • Videos

Pluto LMS Features

  • API
  • Academic/Education
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Activity Tracking
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Built-in Course Authoring
  • Certification & Licensing
  • Certification Tracking
  • Compliance Management
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Content Library
  • Content Management
  • Corporate/Business
  • Course Authoring
  • Course Management
  • Course Tracking
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Reports
  • Employee Portal
  • Gamification
  • Gradebook
  • Learner Portal
  • Learning Management
  • Learning Paths/Tracks
  • Mobile Learning
  • Multi-Language
  • Performance Metrics
  • Progress Reports
  • Progress Tracking
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • SCORM Compliance
  • Self Service Portal
  • Self-Learning
  • Single Sign On
  • Skills Assessment
  • Skills Tracking
  • Social Learning
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Synchronous Learning
  • Talent Management
  • Tests/Assessments
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Training Management
  • User Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • eCommerce Management
  • eLearning Companies

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Ease of Use 4,7
Customer Service 5
Features 4,8
Value for Money 4,9

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Paul S.
Professional Training & Coaching, 2-10 Employees
Used the Software for: 6-12 months
  • Overall Rating
  • Ease of Use
  • Features & Functionality
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money
  • Likelihood to Recommend
  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2021/08/25

"Fantastic, reliable and supportive LMS Partner"

Comments: Simply awesome. We were able to migrate from our initial trials with Teachable to being productive on PlutoLMS in short order. The Pluto LMS team have become a trusted partner in our Learning-Service startegy at learning.resilientfutures.com, and we trust and value their guidance as we grow the Learning Resilient Futures area of our business.

Pros: It's important to understand that this is a hosted service offering that goes way past just the software itself. PlutoLMS are a fantastic service organisation to partner with, with responsive support and a focus on working to meet your business needs directly or through creative viable alternative solutions. From a software perspective, it's a known experience, based on a stable, world-class, well-established platform that (as of the writing of this review) has more than 182 thousand active sites worldwide across 243 countries, including many leading universities. That's the kind of customer footprint that makes for a sound investment decision. The solution has a huge depth and breadth of capability, only really limited by your imagination as a curriculum / content developer.

Cons: As a vendor supporting a hosted SaaS solution, the PlutoLMS team need to balance what is economically supportable within their operating model with the needs of customers. This means that the addition of features through a broad range of available third-party plugin's needs to be carefully weighed against the ability to support their customers. Due to the long-lineage of the base platform, there are some aspects of that base that may be regarded at first-glance as dated: however, the incredible breadth and depth of the features provided by PlutoLMS and the stability of those features leave most of the alternative solutions that present a more modern look 'n feel in their user experience and user interface sorely lacking in functional breadth and depth. Possibly the main usability drawback is that the Content Management System used by content authors forms the base course delivery structure, and so is tightly coupled to the default user experience of the student. There are various ways to work with this / escape this constraint, which take a little research and time to learn.

Alternatives Considered: myQuest and LearnWorlds

Reasons for Choosing Pluto LMS: We were looking to migrate off Teachable to a more sophisticated, fully-featured Learning Management System (LMS). We also wanted to find a more ethical partner better aligned with our diversity and inclusion values. After an extensive review of options, we selected MyQuest, LearnWorlds and PlutoLMS as our top-three preferences that met our basic criteria. myQuest is an awesome product by a great company - it just wasn't the right fit for our specific needs for this business case. We short-listed LearnWorlds and PlutoLMS as the best investment model fit, aligned ethical values and for offering the broad set of features and integrations we were looking for.

Switched From: Teachable

Reasons for Switching to Pluto LMS: Based on a first-impressions preference by our instructors for the Look 'n Feel of LearnWorlds, we started an initial trial with LearnWorlds. Sadly, LearnWorlds support service was terrible, and let down what appeared to be a functionally rich product. We lost many months - the best part of 5, almost 6 - trying to get any technical support from the organisation for our $249/month Learning Center plan. Frustratingly, the first-level support was always polite and responsive: however there was either no decent 2nd or 3rd level support, insufficient capacity to support customers, and no way to escalate to get technical help. LearnWorlds doubled-down on the problem by sending RTM emails in return, bouncing tickets frequently between support staff, and proactively moving to close tickets they hadn't yet resolved. Our main struggle for those 6 months was to get support for our SSO integration - an integration for which the LearnWorlds documentation was skeletal at best, and for which there was no way to get through to speak with a technical person. We last 5 months by giving enormous slack due to the challenges of the COVID pandemic. We finally received support when we gave notice we'd terminate our plan. It then took a further 5 months to get our fee-investment in a non-working implementation refunded. As outlined above, PlutoLMS support was in contrast simply awesome: fast, robust technical knowledge with a strong outcomes-focus. The platform is responsive and feature-rich.

  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2021/08/25
Jaime C.
Program Coordinator
Computer & Network Security, 11-50 Employees
Used the Software for: 1-5 months
  • Overall Rating
  • Ease of Use
  • Features & Functionality
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money
  • Likelihood to Recommend
  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2021/02/24

"Pluto - Above and Beyond"

Comments: It has taken our 50 state leader training to the next level! Making our organization look incredibly professional.

Pros: It was so user friendly, has so many feature and integrations, has every functionality you could ever want

Cons: Nothing. I truly enjoy Pluto LMS and have not experienced difficulties thus far

  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2021/02/24
Jamie A.
Head of Program Development
Education Management, 2-10 Employees
Used the Software for: 1-5 months
  • Overall Rating
  • Ease of Use
  • Features & Functionality
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money
  • Likelihood to Recommend
  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2020/09/15

"Very helpful staff, customizable platform"

Comments: I've been very happy and impressed with the customer service -- really helpful and quick to get back to us. The platform is solid and I think it will be a good fit with what we're looking for.

Pros: The platform is pretty easy to use and figure out, we were able to get it up and running quickly. We're still figuring it out, but overall I'm quite satisfied and hopeful it will meet our needs!

Cons: There are a few things that are not easily changed (like the English vs. American spelling of "enrol"), but overall the issues have been small.

  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2020/09/15
Khosi M.
Deputy Registrar
Medical Devices, 2-10 Employees
Used the Software for: 2+ years
  • Overall Rating
  • Ease of Use
  • Features & Functionality
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money
  • Likelihood to Recommend
  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2020/07/09

"Rocket Science Made Easy"

Comments: I love that one is given video guides to show you how to interact wth the website to make an idea come alive. The experience is daunting at first but using it makes things much simpler. The support from Plutois just phenominal.

Pros: The software fits our industry perfectly. Daily as we interact with it, we find amazing things that we can do with it, effortlessly.

Cons: I do not have any feedback under this topic.

  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2020/07/09
Simon G.
Education Management, 2-10 Employees
Used the Software for: 1+ year
  • Overall Rating
  • Ease of Use
  • Features & Functionality
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money
  • Likelihood to Recommend
  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2019/09/19

"Good product and great service"

Comments: Pluto are helping us to develop a unique product offering for universities

Pros: The underlying LMS, Moodle is quite good but as open source it needs some work. Pluto have done a great job in customising it to produce a workable and design-friendly LMS. Additionally, the level of service received is phenomenal - nothing is too much trouble for them.

Cons: Moodle is not always as flexible as I would like, although Pluto go a long way to reducing that problem. Additionally, the data analytics capability could be a lot better, although there are plugins that provide good analytics.

  • Reviewer Source 
  • Reviewed on 2019/09/19