Auto Body SchedulerPlus

Auto Body SchedulerPlus

by Auto Body ScheduledPlus and Management Software

Who Uses Auto Body SchedulerPlus?

All Auto Body, Collision Repair, shops with scheduling. All multi-shop operators that desire load leveling and the ability to see each facilitys workload capacity.

What Is Auto Body SchedulerPlus?

SchedulerPlus (S+) is a scheduling, production and parts management, labor tracking and customer tracking program for all Auto Body and Collision Repair Shops. S+ has a unique scheduling system that is very USER FRIENDLY and ROBUST. Users access calendars that show dates as green, yellow or red. MSO's are excited because, among many other factors, it shows the actual available capacity in each location. S+ is very scalable due to it's internet hosting.

Auto Body SchedulerPlus Details

Auto Body ScheduledPlus and Management Software

Founded 2010

Auto Body SchedulerPlus Pricing Overview

Auto Body SchedulerPlus paid version starts at US$500,00/month.


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Cloud, SaaS, Web


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Auto Body SchedulerPlus Features

Auto Body Software
Accounting Management
Billing & Invoicing
Customer Database
Inventory Control
Labor Rates
Maintenance Scheduling
Parts Management
Payroll Management
Quotes / Estimates
Service History
VIN Decoder
Vehicle Tracking
Work Order Management