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SI (System Integrator)

A system integrator or systems integrator (SI) is a person or company responsible for testing, scheduling, and coordinating a computer operation. An SI combines different hardware, software, and networking resources into a single computer system, serving as an IT architecture framework. Some SIs also maintain a computing operation on behalf of an enterprise. There are two types of system integrators: -Vertical system integration, where SIs integrate platforms and systems into a single unit.  -Horizontal system integration, where a subsystem communicates with different systems.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About SI (System Integrator)

SMBs might use an SI to bring disparate IT products from various vendors together and create a single integrated system that improves productivity, cybersecurity, and data compliance in the workplace. SI benefits include enhanced data collection, better scalability, improved workflows, and more thoughtful decision-making.

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