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BizMerlinHR offers a comprehensive solution for continuous performance management. Enhance your performance culture through easy to use performance reviews. Help employees grow through 360 feedback from self, peers, supervisors, direct reports and external collaborators. Achieve speed through configurable review templates. Better engage your workforce through feedback walls and badges. Ensure continued alignment through 1-on-1 check-Ins. Learn more about BizMerlinHR The human resource management solution of choice for ultimate employee feedback, performance reviews and recognition program Learn more about BizMerlinHR
Our customers love our employee friendly reports, easy-to-customize questionnaire, and awesome customer support. You can try us out with your first assessment free! Learn more about Spidergap Employee friendly reports, easy-to-customize questionnaire, and awesome customer support. You can try Spidergap for free. Learn more about Spidergap
Glint 360s relieve HR teams of the administrative burden they typically face through automation of key processes. Spend less time on these administrative tasks and more time broadening access to 360s and growing a robust leadership pipeline. With a transparent 3-step process, give ownership to your people and empower them to ask for the feedback they need from the people who know them best. Learn more about Glint Glint people success platform helps global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. Learn more about Glint
AssessTEAM is cloud-based performance management software including companion apps for Android & iPhones. Run traditional evaluations, 360-feedback, or real-time competency-based evaluations in minutes. Project-based performance analysis on our Enterprise plan delivers powerful productivity reports that help you make better business decisions. Use our 3000+ KPI library to build your own evaluation process. Guided rollout service by experienced HR professionals comes free with all plans. Learn more about AssessTEAM Cloud-based performance management software, run traditional appraisals, 360-degree evaluations or real-time feedback. $1 per person. Learn more about AssessTEAM
Qualtrics Employee Experience (EX) empowers organizations to gather employee 360 evaluations and manage 360 reviews. We make it easy to collect, analyze and act on feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports. With real-time, individualized participant reports, automated reminders, and a flexible form builder, reviewing your employees is simple, fast and affordable. Request a demo to see how you can gain a more accurate and objective view of every employee's skills and performance." Learn more about Qualtrics EmployeeXM Qualtrics Employee Experience empowers organizations collect, analyze and act on 360 feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports. Learn more about Qualtrics EmployeeXM
SurveySparrow lets you turn surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, SurveySparrow enables users to create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience. SurveySparrow Recurring Surveys let you send surveys at regular intervals to gauge customer or employee pulse. With easy sharing options, SurveySparrow allows you to share your surveys across Web, Mobile, Social, and E-mail to easily collect feedback from your targeted audience. Learn more about SurveySparrow Turn surveys into conversations with our chat-like surveys. Engage better with your customers & employees. Learn more about SurveySparrow
PeopleGoal enables companies to redefine each stage of the employee lifecycle by providing endless possibilities around vital HR processes. With PeopleGoal you can accelerate employee performance and engagement by expressing your company culture your unique way of working into sound HR processes. Engage your employees with apps for performance, development, surveys and news. Manage your team members with core HR features including absence management, asset tracking and onboarding. Learn more about PeopleGoal PeopleGoal enables companies to redefine each stage of the employee lifecycle by providing endless possibilities in vital HR processes. Learn more about PeopleGoal
360-degree feedback. Pure and simple. Click the video to find out more about our self-service platform (www.click-360selfdrive.com). Alternatively, let us manage your project from start to finish on a pay-as-you-go basis. If your requirement is larger, then our self-managed enterprise solution would be more cost-effective. Simultaneous rating, saving time while improving accuracy, and digital report with integrated workbook are our stand out features. Call +44 845 313 3357 for more info. Learn more about click-360 360-degree feedback platforms plus questionnaire design and feedback coaching. Extensive client list and international experience. Learn more about click-360
Small Improvements is a flexible performance management toolkit that helps employees grow and succeed. It's highly configurable; you can change and combine the building blocks to suit your organization's needs, and adjust the look and feel, too. Over 700 small and medium-sized companies like Zapier, Duolingo, Soundcloud, GetYourGuide, and Strava use our tool to support their feedback cultures. Learn more about Small Improvements A flexible tool for performance reviews, peer feedback, 1:1 meetings, objectives, and employee recognition. Learn more about Small Improvements
Encompassing Visions (ENCV) distinct advantage over every other job evaluation methodology is its ability to efficiently collect high quality Job Data. ENCV uses a multiple-choice questionnaire to measure 29 job factors and behavioral competencies reflecting organizational culture and competitive advantage. More granular job analysis ensures all facets of the role are captured. With ENCV, subjective evaluations are eliminated, and system generated job descriptions minimize creative writing. Learn more about Encompassing Visions ENCV uses a transparent process to generate results that are detailed, accurate, objective, understandable, and pay equity compliant. Learn more about Encompassing Visions
15Five is a leading continuous performance management solution that not only guides employee growth and development but empowers people to become their best selves. Through strategic Weekly Check-Ins, 15Five delivers everything a manager needs to maintain visibility and impact employee performance, including continuous feedback, Objectives (OKR) tracking, recognition, 1-on-1s, and 360 reviews. Thousands of forward-thinking companies use the solution to bring out the best in their people. Through a lightweight weekly check-in, 15Five delivers everything a manager needs to impact employee engagement and performance.
People delivers an HR administration solution for ambitious HR professionals working in small and mid-sized companies. Unlike manual or older systems that are frustrating to work with, the People solution constructs insightful graphic reports, offers expert follow me guidance, and engages people on missions through high-impact tasks. The solution makes a difficult job more fun and helps aspiring HR professionals eager to earn a more prominent role in their companies success. People is made of all the bits HR has been missing for years. Its us giving you the stuff we never had but wished we did.
CakeHR is all about feedback. Uncomplicate evaluations with simple forms, clean dashboards and easy to gather reviews. The flexible survey builder lets you insert questions in a variety of formats including radio buttons, multiple choice questions, checkmarks and open-ended queries to evaluate employee performance, gauge satisfaction, understand productivity trends and a lot more. If you can think it, our survey builder will build it. Android and iOS apps are available. Gather inputs from multiple channels and from the employees themselves for a clear picture of their performance.
Trakstar's 360 Feedback software helps HR and your organization manage feedback, goals and reviews. Trakstar¿s modern interface allows you to easily choose who has access to 360-degree feedback by building it right into the workflow of the review, so employees and managers don¿t fall behind. Trakstar's feature set and visually appealing interface are available at a reasonable cost. Implementation is customized for you. Trakstar offers a free trial, price quote, or a live demo from a real person. Trakstar's 360-degree feedback is the best tool to ensure employees get focused, objective feedback to support established goals.
SurveyGizmo helps customers conduct successful 360-Reviews, simply and without hidden costs. We make it easy to collect employee feedback and connect it across the organization while maintaining high standards of security and data governance. With SurveyGizmo, you have the flexibility to create an employee feedback and review program that fits the unique needs of your company. We make it easy to integrate employee feedback into your HR system automatically, helping you take action faster. Conduct 360-Reviews simply and without hidden costs. Automatically integrate this feedback into the HR systems you already use.
ClearCompany is the easiest way to bring all of your employee review processes into a single, automated solution. Our easy-to-use software allows you to quickly set up reviews, including custom scoring tables, weighted sections, and free-form responses. Sections of reviews can be shared among multiple forms to further simplify setup and scoring. And, our flat-rate pricing allows you to send as many reviews as you need, as frequently as you need to, without worrying about the price tag. We give HR a simplified, automated workflow to easily set-up and analyze performance reviews.
Enterprise survey software to monitor employee experience (EX) and engagement across the entire lifecycle. Close the loop with shareable reports, dashboards, alerts and follow-up tools. Import your organization's hierarchy and other data and then use them in report filters and shares. Create self-service forms that trigger surveys and reports automatically. Clients include L'Oreal, Toyota, Citibank, Q8, Heineken, Sony, Manpower, ... Enterprise survey software. Conduct insightful surveys and gain actionable feedback! Close the loop with reports, dashboards & alerts.
Who likes to take a survey? No one. Feedier is a new innovative platform to collect valuable Feedback. Stay leader, turn feedback into growth leverage by making data-driven decisions to improve your services and products. 1. Create highly engaging forms in minutes with your teams. 2. Get more responses through customized messages in your best-performing channels. 3. Empower your data with crossed information from your applications and machine learning 4. Collaborate and take actions Feedier is a feedback management platform to collect valuable insights with your teams through highly-engaging and gamified forms.
Reviewsnap's acclaimed 360-degree feedback software offers the most flexible, robust, user-friendly and cost-effective online solution on the market today. It includes performance review, 360-degree feedback, journal entries, and reporting all bundled under one highly affordable annual subscription fee. Our customers have found Reviewsnap to be an ideal framework for enhancing employee communication, morale, and productivity and for developing a culture focused on high performance. Performance management, simplified -- An easy online performance management tools for reviews in a snap.
Best suited for companies with 200-2,000 employees. Best fit for industries with salary-based positions. Insights is an all-in-one platform that will make your company a better place to work. Insights offers a holistic view of your overall performance. Our tool promotes team collaboration through virtual ongoing conversations and helps employees manage their responsibilities, goals, core values and 360 feedback. Recognized and trusted by our customers as simple to use and cost effective. Engage & Collaborate Virtually using Insights performance tool. Teams can manage, track and collaborate on their goals and initiatives.
Create a high-performance culture through ongoing coaching, feedback and development to enable employees to achieve their goals. Do it all with a flexible solution that aligns, engages and inspires your people to achieve the results that matter to your business. Saba Cloud is the ideal platform for organizations with 750+ employees that want to transform their talent programs to create more value for their people and business. Learn how Saba Cloud can help support continuous coaching and build a strong feedback culture.
Create a culture of growth with employee-driven 360 feedback. 7Geese is a simple and effective performance management platform which is trusted by 300+ organizations worldwide. The 7Geese platform includes OKRs, goal setting, 360 feedback, employee engagement surveys, employee-driven feedback, 1-on-1s and core values based Leading tool for lightweight continuous feedback in addition to structured 360 feedback to help your employees grow.
There's an easy way to gather and analyze rich 360-degree feedback and give your employees the broad, balanced perspective they need to succeed. Whether you use the solution for leadership development or to collect broader, fairer feedback for employees, Saba TalentSpace is simple, flexible, and easily adjusts to your unique business needs. Support employee development and team success with a feedback experience that improves performance and connects to your business goals. Gather and analyze 360 degree feedback quickly and easily - giving employees the balanced perspective they need to develop and improve.
Painless 360 Reviews- PerformYard is simple and flexible for HR and a snap for employees. You can streamline your existing 360 review process or build out a new 360 strategy. PerformYard also supports continuous feedback, 360 reviews, annual reviews, project based reviews, recognition, client feedback, and other feedback so all your employee assessments can live in one place. Support is always free and unlimited. Manage your next 360 review cycle with just a few clicks. Painless 360 Reviews! PerformYard is simple and flexible for HR and a snap for employees.
An affordable and easy-to-use performance management solution. It brings together performance appraisals, goal tracking, 360-degree feedback and opinion surveys into one simple and integrated platform. Capture feedback from colleagues, managers and subordinates to get a broader view of every employee's skills, competencies and behaviors. Primalogik simplifies and automates your 360 feedback survey process. Try it for free. Get started in seconds with minimal configuration required. Affordable web-based solution with customizable questionnaires, automated email reminders and quick sign-up process. Try it for free.
Engagedly Multirater/360 is a highly flexible and powerful tool with advanced analytics built for visionary organization with 50 to 5,000 employees. With advanced setting for competency based feedback, anonymity, self nomination, external reviewers and flexible rating scales, Engagedlys 360 is a best of breed platform for employee development Engagedly Multirater/360 is a highly flexible and powerful tool with advanced analytics built for visionary organizations
Koan is the simple, collaborative way to manage goals and OKRs across organizations, no matter where they are located. The SaaS-based platform fosters teamwork, encourages communication and gathers data, ensuring that everyone is aligned and connected to the mission. Koan empowers companies to strengthen strategic processes and continuously deliver on objectives. Koan, a SaaS-based goal management tool, empowers companies to strengthen strategic processes and continuously deliver on objectives.
The complete performance solution including performance reviews, goal tracking, continuous development, and 360 reviews. Culture Amp is the leading People & Culture Platform helping companies take action to improve employee engagement, retention and performance. Discover why nearly 3000 companies trust Culture Amp. Get a demo at CultureAmp.com. The complete performance solution including performance reviews, goal tracking, continuous development, and 360 reviews.
Impraise 360 reviews bring together feedback from peers, managers, and self-assessments, all in one place. Automated reports help managers and individuals align on strengths, areas for development, and provide clarity for follow up conversations and coaching moments. Start with pre-built templates or create your own, drive participation with automated notifications, and visualize results so individuals and managers know where to take action. Explore the opportunities today. Impraise 360 reviews bring together feedback from peers, managers, and self-assessments, all in one place.
Lattice integrates 360 degree feedback into a people management platform that gives People Leaders solutions to build engaged, high-performing teams. They empower HR teams to make more strategic, data-driven business decisions and build winning cultures through continuous performance management and rich employee engagement insights. Find out why 1,300+ companies trust Lattice for people management. Lattice is the way engaged, high-performing teams do 360 degree reviews and real-time feedback to build a winning culture.
With Empxtrack 360 Degree Feedback, it becomes easier to systematically collect multiple feedback about an individuals performance to have a wider view of perceptions. It helps employees to identify underlying hurdles & competency gaps anonymously. One can get a complete view on areas of improvement and can prepare self-development plans to enhance performance. The 360 feedback increases self-awareness among employees and helps them to improve work relationships in the organization. Empxtrack 360 Review is a multi-rater assessment tool that solicits feedback from multiple sources to encourage employee development
bob radically streamlines admin and improves employees experiences with a smart mobile app, a personalized benefits store and inviting onboarding and survey tools. The rich real-time data in bob gives decision-makers valuable insights and helps employees feel more connected to the people they work with wherever they are in the world. bob is the perfect solution for companies above 80 employees. bob is a people management platform that helps forward-thinking businesses bring out the best in their employees.
BullseyeEngagement fuels a dynamic employee experience with user-friendly talent development, employee engagement, and continuous performance management solutions. Our strategic planning tools help future-proof your business so you can make human capital strategy your competitive advantage. We'll help your business operate at its highest potentialwith employees engaged in their work and leaders focused on strategic initiatives, not spreadsheets and paperwork. Employee development, continuous performance management, and strategic planning tools in one user-friendly system
SurveyLab is a professional online survey tool that supports survey creation, automates response collection and report generation. System is a web application and no additional software expect web browser is needed to use it. Some of the service features include: advances logic & randomization, any language support & multi-language surveys, teamwork & survey results sharing, enhanced security (SSL/HTTPS), survey results export (Excel, SPSS, PowerPoint), branding & white label surveys, API. Professional online survey software. Surveys, questionnaires, forms and tests for Customer Experience, Market Research, HR and more!
Collect customer and user feedback with an integated feedback widget. Ask at the right time and get the most actionable insights. Get 360° feedback from inside and outside your company. Usersnap provides you Net Promoter Score (R), Customer Satisfaction and Engagement Scores to measure and react to positive or negative trends. Improve your business by listening to customers and learning from them. #MakeFeedbackMatter Listen to your customers and learn to improve your business with feedback. Make Customer Feedback a priority. Make Feedback Matter.
Powerful survey software tool with 24 x 7 support & advice from survey experts. Perfect tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action. Create & deploy any type of survey. Engage employees and teams to uncover their suggestions & improve performance. Discover what customers say & recommend. Find out your Net promoter Score (NPS). Explore opinions & generate ideas. Conduct research on markets & potential customers. Powerful survey software tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action.
EchoSpan's 360-degree feedback tools are relied upon by more than 6,000 companies worldwide. With its affordable, web-based system, every aspect of your employee feedback process can easily be customized, including review content, rating scales, email messages, workflows and reporting. EchoSpan also offers Development Planning and Employee Engagement in our suite of feedback tools. EchoSpan is fully GDPR compliant and supports more than 100 languages. EchoSpan puts you in control of your employee review and development programs with our robust 360-degree feedback platform.
Synergita is an award-winning, cloud-based, 360 degree feedback survey tool. Employees can get 360-degree feedback from multiple sources including self, peers, managers, team members and external stakeholders (such as customers, vendors, mentors, etc). This helps them to gain an overall perception of their skills, performance, and values. Gain 360 Degree View on Employee Performance. Identify Perception Gaps in Individual Sections. We generally focus on 200+ emp size company. A continuous Employee Engagement & Performance Management Software to build high-performing teams.
Cornerstone 360 Degree Feedback ushers in a more peer-driven approach to talent management by providing employees with a social media-style newsfeed where they can exchange valuable insights on projects and send messages about each others' accomplishments. Stakeholders can gather these comments for a more in-depth and honest assessment of employee performance, since they're given by the people who matter most - their peers and colleagues. Cornerstone 360Degree Feedback is an employee-driven newsfeed that gives stakeholders more insight into team members' performance.
Feedbackly is a all-in-one feedback tool that turns feedback into sales and growth automatically through the entire customer journey. Create customizable surveys and publish them simultaneously on any sales/communication channel; Then analyze the responses in our industry-leading dashboard and in customer journey specialized analytics tool. Leverage the concept of customer journey mapping to track satisfaction levels with precision. Then use this insight to make sound business decisions. All-in-one feedback suite with omnichannel distribution, visual customization and survey creation through the customer journey.
Quantum Workplace provides modern tools to elevate employee and business success by transforming employee voices into conversations, understanding, and positive action. The Feedback tool allows employees to request and give feedback whenever and wherever, fostering strong relationships and encouraging continuous dialogue. Feedback can be upward, peer-to-peer, and 360-degree. Use it to increase employee self-awareness, pinpoint areas of improvement, and give employees the insight they need grow. Elevate employee and business success with tools that empower employees and managers to have continuous, honest, and open dialogue.
PiiQ by Cornerstone 360-degree feedback ensures comprehensive and accurate assessment of your employees. Designed for small and medium businesses, PiiQ¿s 360-degree feedback feature allows managers to expand their understanding of an employee¿s strengths and development needs. Easily reference goals and review information anytime, anywhere, and any time of the year or performance review cycle. PiiQ is and intuitive, automated performance and learning solution for SMBs. Try PiiQ for free. PiiQ 360 feedback: reference goals and review information at any time with this intuitive, automated learning solution for SMBs.
Power your 360 degree feedback processes with Blue enterprise-class experience management software. Implement a 360 degree feedback process with the ability to adapt to your talent strategy, competency framework, organization structure, and workflows. What sets Blue apart? - HRIS integration - Portal integration - Automated evaluations - Flexible rater assignment - Aggregate reporting - Johari window support Power your 360 degree feedback processes with Blue enterprise-class experience management software.
Employee experience at the heart of your HR strategy : we help managers and HR directors increase the performance of companies by replacing annual surveys with steady commitment surveys. Attract and retain talents : implement a feedback culture by collectively fostering the conditions of successful employee experience. Employee experience motivate in a meaningful and healthy relationship. Drive performance with data, simply : define, follow and compare concrete and actionable key indicators. Bloomin helps HR teams and managers measure employee experience in real-time to improve performance and take insightful action.
Tighten the feedback loop between managers and direct reports to set up one-on-one catch-ups for success. This creates timely opportunities for employee and manager feedback while guiding quality conversations. Includes Sentinment Analysis. Configure your own process or use our ready-made, best practice templates. "We've seen a lift in staff engagement as a result of the feedback functionality and the transparency it has given to employees' perspectives" Kathleen Jones, First 5 Minutes Group The combination of 360 degree feedback, sentiment & AI-driven HR analytics means intelliHR gives you real insights for real results!
Introducing the industry's lowest-priced, easiest-to-use, most broadly deployable 360 degree assessment. The 36 Dollar 360 offers fully customizable competencies and on-demand downloading of results reports, for as little as $36 per report. The web-based administrative dashboard makes customizing and launching 360 degree assessments a breeze and relieves the pain of cost-prohibitive deployments, inefficient feedback collection and laborious reports preparation. Easy to use 360 assessment. For as little as $36 per report, your organization can finally afford to develop everybody.
GrapevineEvaluations.com is a cloud based 360 degree feedback software tool that makes it easy to perform a 360 degree evaluation or any kind of employee evaluation all using our easy to use tool. You can pull from our question library, add your own or do combination of both. Easily upload employees being evaluated and raters, then launch. Grapevine collects all the data and then provides you access to the report engine to customize and output the results. A cloud based 360 degree feedback software tool to customize a 360 degree evaluation or any kind of employee evaluations easily.
We're on a mission for every team to be a thriving team with people doing work that energizes them. Cloverleaf's online platform helps you understand the whole person: personality, preferences, motivations, communication & work style. Cloverleaf helps you understand the whole person: personality, preferences, motivations, communication & work style.
Kazoo is the only all-in-one Employee Experience Platform that combines recognition, performance, and engagement in one powerful solution. By bringing together Real-time Recognition & Rewards, Continuous Performance Management, and Employee Engagement Surveys, Kazoos employee-first solution enables companies to build purpose-driven cultures while increasing productivity, retention, and revenue. Learn why Kazoo is the platform of choice for over 700 people-first companies like yours:KazooHR.com Kazoo is the only Employee Experience Platform that combines recognition, performance, and engagement in one powerful solution.
Cognology's online 360 degree feedback software makes it easy to run small or large scale reviews. The system is hosted and supported in Australia and backed by an experienced Australian team who will help you all the way. You can choose between our self-managed system or Cognology-managed service. The software comes with a questionnaire library, automated tracking and easy to read reporting. It can be used on a stand-alone basis or fully integrated into your talent management processes. Cognology's online 360 degree feedback software makes it easy to run small or large scale reviews.
VibeCatch helps you do unlimited amounts of 180 and 360 surveys to your employees. You can use our survey templates or create your own custom questions. 360 reviews help identify employee strengths and uncover behavioural blindspots; they are key in creating happier and more productive teams and cultures WIth our unique scientifically validated QWL-method you can really pinpoint productivity bottle-necks and improvement opportunities and estimate also their financial impacts. Web and mobile solution to run 180 and 360 surveys to your employees using our questions or your own custom questions.
Intuo is a talent enablement platform that offers feedback and praise to create a thriving culture. With the intuo feedback feature everyone can easily give and ask for feedback to colleagues, clients, partners,... anyone. Intuo provides feedback templates to lower the threshold and allow everyone to share their honest opinion. With the praise feature you can praise people for a job well done and motivate your workforce. Intuo's tools include giving feedback, asking for feedback and giving praise to create an open culture where people empower one another
Transform your workplace productivity and Engagement.Performly provides many cutting-edge features beside Performance Management for organizations to unleash their human capital potential with practical Coaching channels,Recognizing platform,Team collaboration & Task Management Transform your Workplace Productivity & Engagement
Real-time feedback platform that is lightweight, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into your employee's daily workflows. Talent management platform that helps businesses prioritize OKRs, engage employees, manage performance reviews, and share feedback.
GuildQuality provides customer satisfaction surveying, web-based performance reporting, and marketing services for home builders, remodelers, contractors, and real estate professionals. More than 2000 of North America's best home professionals rely on GuildQuality to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience, and articulate the quality of their service to prospective customers. Customer satisfaction surveying software for quality-minded building professionals.
Try our 5-star user rated 360 feedback solution online today! Experience why many Fortune 500 companies have chosen a vendor with over 10 years of experience in providing the best-in-class cost-effective and easy to set-up 360 surveys. Customize surveys, send automated reminders, view real-time results and download elegant and clear PDF reports with your company logo. Start today to simplify the multi-source feedback process and promote a positive performance and development learning culture. High impact 360 feedback survey and reporting tools online. Easy, cost-effective with no lock-down contracts. Try us free today!
GoalSpan is creating the future for employee feedback and performance. Its a smart tool that replaces the outdated annual review with a simple and intuitive digital platform. Everyone easily sets goals, shares ideas, and gets real-time feedback. This allows employees to perform their best because they are motivated by a clear vision, and understand how they contribute to that vision. Come be a part of our growing community where the world of digital performance is at your fingertips. Employee feedback and performance solution that lets users set goals, share ideas, and get real-time feedback.
Bizneo HR is a cloud-based HR Suite made of 11 powerful softwares. A solution of maximum flexibility that covers the entire employee cycle: attraction, identification, development and engagement. All in a single talent management platform. Switch to the entire suite or choose one of our softwares if you are a mid-size or large company that needs to improve its HR processes. This platform is currently used in 14 countries all over the world and it works in English, French and Spanish. A cloud-based HR Suite made of 11 softwares to cover employee's cycle: attraction, identification, development and engagement
Make better decisions with detailed insights. Vantage Pulse is a powerful employee survey system that helps employers get a detailed and real-time insight about employee engagement levels within the organization. The survey tool comes preloaded with different question sets from 30+ categories for deriving meaningful and actionable data for improving the employee experience. It also gives the employers complete autonomy to decide the frequency of surveys. A powerful employee survey tool that helps you measure employee engagement, boost performance and improve company morale.
Digital Talent Management with elearnio elearnio offers the webbased solution for digital preboarding, onboarding and training allowing companies to educate their employees already before they have their first day in the company. The platform also offers a 360-degree feedback module that helps organizations establish an open feedback culture and improve internal performance reviews. elearnio helps organizations to enable greatest people engagement. Try it for free: www.elearnio.com/try elearnio helps organizations to make employee onboarding and training easier, more interactive and more efficient.
Betterworks aligns, develops and activates your workforce for business growth. Through our easy-to-use, integrated software solution and expertise, we help organizations replace outdated annual review processes with powerful Continuous Performance Management programs that help managers be better at the conversations, coaching, and development necessary to inspire and motivate the entire workforce to meet today's goals and be ready for tomorrow's challenges. Betterworks® provides Continuous Performance Management® to help employees easily set goals and give ongoing feedback.
Our innovative mobile-centric microfeedback approach creates high-performing and engaged teams. Informed by performance management best practices and inspired by a desire for employees everywhere to experience quality feedback and performance management, its the right real-time feedback solution for your company. How often would a team win with coaching only once a year?
CEOs & HR teams use Leapsome to create a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers employee engagement and the success of their business. Build a culture of feedback with Leapsome¿s all-in-one people management platform and implement meaningful, growth-oriented 360-degree feedback processes to enable your managers and develop your employees. Run impactful 360-degree feedback processes that are easy to set up, easy to complete, and beneficial for all.
As a leading 360 feedback specialist, there are many ways we can support you and your employees. Our Self-Install tool has been designed as an entry point into our elite expertise, complimenting our extensive portfolio of MyTalent software, developed to make customised, complex 360 projects a dream to deliver. Offering unrivalled functionality, easy access to branded tools & sophisticated dashboard displays of data, you'll feel reassured that your 360 is processed by robust, reliable technology. A responsive 360 web app, powered by Talent Innovations, that offers you project design tools, automated management and clear reports.
Guardian Tracking currently helps over 1100 public safety organizations to ensure higher performance, create more consistent and accurate documentation, improve employee engagement and morale, and create a clear path for more empowered leaders. A leadership platform creating higher-performing organizations.
Measure & improve customer experience, manage reputation and run effective marketing campaigns. SMS marketing tool that lets businesses collect customer interaction data & analyze clients' behaviors to run targeted web campaigns.
Vitay's platform for candidate reference checking allows recruiters to gain more insight into their candidate's performance while bypassing all the repetitive administrative work that goes into collecting this information manually. Vitay's cloud-based platform automates the process into just a few clicks allowing you to request references in under 60 seconds. Whilst helping to increase internal sales activities through the passive generation of leads with its built-in lead generation feature. An in-house reference checking solution that helps recruiters with lead generation, feedback, candidate analytics and reports.
Plai is a people and performance management software for forward-thinking companies. Align and focus your team with OKRs; Inspire growth with the employee-centered performance/360 reviews; Reward excellence and live company values with public praise; Help your team grow with regular feedback; Get to know your team with meaningful 1:1s; Learn the best practices with tips and templates. Plai works with what you use: Slack, Google, MS. Your team will thank you! Align your team with OKRs, inspire growth with feedback and praise, effortless performance/360° reviews and effective 1:1s.
FeedbackFive allows you to trigger official Amazon review requests using the same system behind the Request a Review button in Seller Central. Request and manage feedback and reviews using the software trusted by tens of thousands of sellers in over 100 countries and across 15 Amazon marketplaces including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, UAE, UK, and US. Amazon feedback and review software trusted by tens of thousands of sellers in over 100 countries and across 15 Amazon marketplaces.
Strategic Assessment of Vital Elements - S.A.V.E. - assesses top leadership review on HR & Operations performance, including 360 peer reviews of management, supervisors and top employees, all in minutes not weeks. It's most powerful feature integrates review of leadership' skills, habits and contribution with strategic details on their self-development. Individual, group, on demand or aggregate reports are in demand for new leadership hire and management in transition. S.A.V.E is web based strategic performance assessment, management 360, automated strategic/tactical growth plan for 90 D/10 M/ 2 Y.
Achievers Employee Success Platform delivers proven tools for organizations to empower every employee as an owner of organizational culture and engagement. Built on over a decade of engagement science leadership, hundreds of global customers rely on Achievers dynamic employee recognition, coaching, and continuous listening tools for their people to feel valued and heard, to align on strategic values and goals, and ignite a positive organizational culture. Achievers Platform delivers proven employee recognition, continuous listening, and timely coaching tools for organization success.
SkillNet has a unique 5 step process to engage, develop and retain staff. The process includes competency models, self and 360 assessments, individual development plans, frequent coaching, and people data. Engage users in their own development with an individual development plan based on assessment results. Help managers coach with trend data. Connect any learning asset to the skills and knowledge. Offer a sticky personalized approach to learning and development because one size fits none. Engage users in their own development with a competency based approach designed for frequent coaching to inspire and retain your people
Multirater Surveys has been designed to assist management teams to maximize employee engagement and performance levels. This powerful online people analytics survey platform not only provides a range of template surveys (including 180 Performance Review, 360 Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Client Pulse and Board Evaluation) but also the capability to edit/delete/add questions to create fully customized surveys that are guaranteed to meet all of the organization's requirements. Fully customizable template 360 degree leadership development surveys that maximize leadership potential.
Elevo is the HR Software that enables you to scale and create use around your management practices. The platform is built around efficient and core HR practices (reviews, objective setting, feedback) to maximise its impact. Elevo is currently helping more than 50 leading companies get ahead in the talent battle. Elevo is the SaaS HR software that allows you to scale and create real use and engagement around your management practices
Fast Mirror is a cloud-based DIY 360 feedback platform designed for both 360 pros and those who are new to 360 feedback. Easily build 360 surveys using our off-the-shelf surveys, our rich question library, or build your own from scratch. Translate surveys and reports into over 100 languages, instantly. Use our report widgets to build custom individual and detailed group reports. Control workflow. Dive into our rich development planning library or create your own. Fast Mirror is a cloud-based DIY 360 feedback platform designed for both 360 pros and those who are new to 360 feedback.
Uncover the power of 360-degree feedback with the seamless platform to remove operational hassles from the entire 360-degree feedback process. It has intuitive reports & dashboards with clear and actionable information and customizable survey to build a custom questionnaire from our exhaustive competency library by leverage our expertise in behavioral science. An Easy-To-Use 360 Degree Performance Appraisals & Feedback Tool To Create Manage and Collect Structured Feedback On A Single Platform.
3sixtylite is an online platform offering a fully scalable solution to provide 360,180 and 90 degree appraisals/feedback using an intuitive interface continually developed over a period of 10+years. With full multi-language support from Arabic to Russian, Mandarin to French 3sixtylite delivers a flexible tool that can be customised and moulded to any organisation regardless of the size or complexity. We have pricing and accept payments in GBP, EUR and USD A a fully scalable solution to provide 360,180 and 90 degree appraisals. Fully customisable, Multi-language support and clear pricing.
Integrating our competency framework into our solution saves you an incredible amount of work. With Talent Snapshot, you are able to align onboarding, performance, leadership, career and succession planning using competencies. Evaluate performance using 1:1 or 360 assessments, set goals, launch online courses, create development plans, and manage and track results, with our affordable, turnkey, integrated solution. Automates processing, notifications and routing. 20-500 employees. Designed for small to mid-size businesses, Talent Snapshot provides an online, comprehensive, affordable talent management solution.
GroSum delivers employee performance monitoring, instant feedback & rewards recommendations in a simple, transparent, cost-effective way that leads to improved employee engagement & retention. With GroSum, you can 1. Set clear performance goals & priorities 2. Follow through. 3. Reward the doers. 4. Identify peoples development & coaching needs. 5. Inspire trust through fairness & transparency. GroSum is a performance management solution. It helps CEOs improve employee performance, engagement & retention.
A 360 degree feedback solution that focuses on personality awareness and character development to create positive influence, emotional intelligence for better team dynamics. A 360 degree feedback for personality awareness & character development.
Realiza evaluaciones de competencias por comportamientos en un sistema fácil de usar para todo el personal. Puedes usar tu modelo o personalizar el de Acsendo y recopilar información de jefes, colegas, subordinados y autoevaluaciones. Obtén reportes fáciles de entender que identifican las fortalezas del equipo, sus brechas de competencias y las áreas a trabajar para impulsar su desarrollo. Mide competencias por comportamientos a través de una sencilla evaluación de 90°, 180° o 360°.
- Drive efficiencies and reduce costs by automating, standardizing, and optimizing the global review process, ratings calibration, and goal setting - Attract and retain high performers by recognizing and rewarding them commensurate with their performance - Improve organizational alignment by aligning and cascading employee goals to organizational objectives and strategies Supports all talent management, assessment and development processes, including 360-feedback, performance appraisal & goal setting.
#1 HR Software choice for Lufthansa, Leica, Acronis, Sega, Lockheed Martin, Warner Bros. Lanteria HR is focused on providing Human Capital management solutions for mid-sized businesses, which allows creating a collaborative environment where employees & managers can cooperate. Lanteria HR manages all HR tasks in a company with 5 solutions: Core HR, Time & Attendance, Recruiting, Performance and Learning. You can use any of those modules separately or get the entire Lanteria HR system. Lanteria is all-in-one HR management system, which perfectly integrates with Office 365 and SharePoint.
A leading suite of tools to boost employee engagement and teams' potential for companies from 30 to 10 000 eployees companies. With Bleexo's five modules, you can: - Give everyone the opportunity to share their employee experience anonymously - Analyse employee engagement in real time and measure the effectiveness of your people initiatives - Guidance, training and coaching for your managers, when they need it - Establish and encourage constructive feedback to boost self-confidence A leading suite of tools to boost employee engagement and teamspotential.
LightWork Talent Management (formerly PerformancePAM) is a dynamic talent management system designed to help you identify strengths and areas for improvement in employee performance and set goals for employee and company success. Web-based with familiar Microsoft Windows navigation, LightWork integrates with all HR systems with tightest integration to Sage HRMS. Encourages employee development and results in a marked increase in workplace performance and satisfaction.
LeaderNation is a cost-effective, web-based leadership development solution. Our suite of tools enables consultants, coaches, and HR professionals to quickly create customized leadership competency models and 360 feedback surveys. Our user-friendly, intuitive design ultimately assists organizations retain top talent and focus their workforce. We offer corporate and not-for-profit pricing, with volume discounts available. LeaderNation is also equipped to handle individual 360 sales as well. Web-based leadership competency modeling and 360 feedback tool for consultants, coaches, and HR professionals.
SelfStir is a 360 feedback and self assessment tool to help individuals and businesses develop leadership competencies in a safe environment. The system incorporates development tools such as self assessment, manager, peer and 360 degree surveys, action planning, journaling, peer to peer sharing and communication, a knowledge forum and an extensive list of competency development recommendations by learning style. We provide free accounts for individuals and small teams. SelfStir is a development platform using 360 degree feedback to help individuals develop leadership competencies in a safe envirnment
Zest promotes internal dialogue and fosters recognition. Our 360 suite is composed of three pillars to help you build a strong corporate culture and lasting employee engagement. Managers and HR Directors have access to dashboards to analyze the results and take better decisions. The "Listen" pillar to let your teams express themselves The "Succeed" pillar to boost individual and collective performances The "Share" pillar to create a collaborative and stimulating working culture Zest in an employee engagement app that helps you align your management strategies with your teams needs in real time
Designed for mid-market organizations (100+ employees). PeopleGuru develops and supports cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software to help mid-market organizations attract, retain, and recognize their people and streamline back-office HR and Payroll functions. PeopleGuru HCM is a cloud-based, agile solution residing on one database that includes: HR, Payroll, ACA, Benefits Management, Time & Labor, Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance, Analytics, Salary, and Social. A single cloud-based HR, Payroll, Time, Benefits, and Talent Management solution for complete employee lifecycle management.
Thoughtexchanges enterprise crowdsourcing software empowers leaders to ask open-ended questions and get answers in real time. AI and machine learning ensure everyones response gets considered by others. Powerful analysis tools instantly surface valuable insights into key areas of agreement and disagreement. Leaders can find common ground, inspire trust and use data to make decisions that get immediate support. Everyone contributes and everyone learns, without bias. Thoughtexchanges enterprise crowdsourcing software empowers leaders to ask open-ended questions and get answers in real time.
We are into to this business( Hr & Payroll software ) since 16 years. We have a complete hire to retire web-based HR Payroll software with free mobile application exhaustively covering every corner of HR and Payroll domain with more than 9 modules. 1) Human Resourse Management 2) Attendance Management 3) Leave Management 4) Claim & Helpdesk Management 5) Payroll Management 6) Performance Management System 7) Learning Management 8) Recruitment Management 9) Project Management HR & payroll software with HRIS, leave, attendance, appraisal, staffing, project management, gratuity management,etc SaaS install
Web-based performance management platform that enables educators to conduct evaluations, develop reports, share resources & more. Web-based performance management platform that enables educators to conduct evaluations, develop reports, share resources & more.
The DecisionWise Leadership Intelligence System is an employee engagement online platform that allows you to run any type of survey, track participation, configure complex organization structures, use any number of demographic categories, and explore your results in real-time with ease. Drill down to any level in the organization, view survey response details, customize and export your view, compare survey benchmarks by industry or past scores. An employee engagement survey platform aimed at identifying actions that can improve an organization's effectiveness.
Netigate is a leading European provider of cloud based services for online surveys that are primarily used for voice of customer (customer satisfaction), employee performance and market research. Through Netigates user friendly interface, the users can conduct surveys in a very effective way compared to other alternatives. Survey tool for HR, market, panel research via web or mobile phone. Offers analysis with cross tabulations, real-time results, and more
You can create and manage bespoke 360 degree feedback programs that run smoothly with minimum fuss and maximum impact. Your users and coaches will find the reports attractive, illuminating and easy to understand. Talent 360 has been developed based on real insight from real organisations about what works and what doesn't with 360 reviews. Integrates with LMS for development suggestions. Worldwide availability from a UK-based specialist. ISO27001 Security Certified. Gives you valuable insight into how people see their colleagues at work.
Tap My Back is an employee engagement software that helps organizations creating a continuous feedback culture to improve engagement in the workplace. We help you establish a growth mindset to build stronger teams, and give you the tools to empower smarter, proactive leadership. With private feedback sharing, pulse surveys, public recognition, skills management, mood tracking, and data analysis, Tap My Back boosts team motivation and personal development. Build stronger teams, empower smarter leadership and feel the pulse of your organization with Tap My Back Employee Engagement Software.
The performance review has remained fundamentally unchanged for decades. At Duuoo, we're on a mission to change that. Our cloud-based software is easy to implement, intuitive to use and helps you drive high-performing and engaged teams. Duuoo gives you everything you need to run your performance reviews, create individual development plans, hold 1-on-1s & project check-ins, collect 360 feedback, and set & track goals - all in one simple, intuitive tool. Duuoo is a performance management platform for the 21st century: seamlessly integrated 1-on-1s, development reviews, goals & feedback.
Psyft Personality Assessment (PPA) is based on th Big-Five Model of personality. PPA helps gain insights on how an individuals' personality (persons character, temperament and behavioral preferences) affects his/er work performance, etc. The test measures five personality dimensions - Openness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Sensitivity, Agreeableness & Extraversion, including four sub-traits each. PPA is a robust scientific tool, known for its fake resistance & proven accuracy. Fake resistant, mobile responsive, highly scientific online psychometric assessment tool!
Zimyo HRMS is a highly customizable Employee Experience Platform. It is a cloud-based HR solution that can tackle the needs of a small enterprise to a large company. It can easily integrate with any existing form of HR Management. All of the vital HR functions are at your command in one central place. Zimyo Recruit, Timesheets, Performance, biometrics, geolocation and app make our HRMS an all-round winner. A dedicated expert team backs our product, educates customers and provides support 24*7. An Award-Winning cloud-based HRMS. Zimyo is the answer to all of your HR management automation troubles.
At TruScore, we know assessments. Our primary areas of expertise are 360 degree feedback and assessment customization. In addition to offering our own validated line of assessments we serve as the technology platform and support arm for some of the most recognized assessments and brands in our industry. We provide end-to-end 360 feedback services: customized hosting and expert guidance. Your content or ours.