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Cloud based Restaurant inventory management software and app. MarketMan gives you the tools you need to manage your inventory, suppliers, orders, and menu costing. Get accurate food cost and know where your money is going in real time. Set alerts when menu items become less profitable and get notifications when supplier prices fluctuate. The result is better control and more profits. Learn more about MarketMan Restaurant inventory management made easy. Learn more about MarketMan
Sapaad works great for small cafes to multi-chain restaurants. Sapaad does walk-in, dine-in, home delivery & online orders. Our affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model fits every budget. Sapaad is user-friendly, device agnostic; no IT headaches. Restaurant-optimized Inventory Management, Recipe Management, Menu Engineering, Call Center Management, LIVE Business Dashboard, Kitchen Display System, Food Ordering Platform Integration, and lots more. Try Sapaad for FREE today! Learn more about Sapaad Low cost, easy-to-use Cloud POS for restaurants of all sizes, has call center, inventory & more. Trusted by restaurants worldwide! Learn more about Sapaad
BPA Restaurant Professional is the most complete software package at the best value available in the Restaurant Industry today. This package includes Restaurant POS, Retail POS, Hand Helds, Inventory, Time Clock & Payroll, Gift Card Processing, Credit Card Processing, Hotel Management Interface, Back Office Software and other standard features. With the purchase of any of our hardware systems, the software is included at no cost. Single station systems start at $1025.00-$1595.00 Learn more about BPA Restaurant POS Restaurant Management software including Point of Sale, Accounting, Gift Card Processing, Credit Card Processing. Learn more about BPA Restaurant POS
Yodeck makes it a breeze to get digital menu boards up on your TV screens in just a few seconds. Engage your customers with photos and videos of your specials to cross-sell and upsell menu items. Drag & drop media files into our app or use our free, professionally designed menu board layout templates. They're fully customizable so you can incorporate your own branding. Manage screens across locations remotely. With Yodeck, you get easy to use, professional digital signage at an unbeatable price. Learn more about Yodeck Get visually engaging digital menu boards on your TV screens in seconds andengage your customers. Upsell and cross-sell menu items. Learn more about Yodeck
Restaurant reservation management platform that helps users manage waitlists, table bookings, guests' visit history, accounts & more. Restaurant reservation management platform that helps users manage waitlists, table bookings, guests' visit history, accounts & more.
Tripleseat is a Sales and Event Management software that generates sales and streamlines the planning process for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues. It is the first web-based system created by hospitality event managers for hospitality event managers. Since 2008 Tripleseat has taken the restaurant business by storm providing solutions and simplifying the event process from start to finish. Over 2,500 venues and 18,000+ event industry expert trust Tripleseat. Tripleseat is a Sales and Event Management software that increases event sales and streamlines the planning process.
7shifts empowers restaurants of all sizes to trim labor costs, retain staff, and stay labor compliant with robust scheduling, communication, compliance, and engagement tools. 7shifts helps restaurant managers save 5 hours/week on scheduling, minimize call & text chaos with streamlined communication, manage staff on-the-go with free mobile apps, and trim labor costs up to 3% with integrated POS data. Join 10,000+ restaurants using 7shifts to simplify management. Start your free trial today! 7shifts is a robust scheduling, communication, and engagement tool built specifically for restaurants. Simplify your life. Start free!
HotSchedules provides a cloud-based operating platform, as well as supporting solutions and services for the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. HotSchedules suite of products enables owners and operators to schedule employees across locations, track time and attendance, monitor business performance and manage day-to-day operations. With HotSchedules native mobile app, employees can check schedules, pick-up and drop shifts, and request time off, all from their mobile phones. HotSchedules reduces food and labor costs, time spent on administrative tasks, and operational complexity.
TouchBistro has been designed to meet the unique needs and specific demands of the restaurant industry and helps manage all the key areas of your restaurant - from your menu and inventory, to your labor and reporting. Restaurants buy TouchBistro because they want a POS that can help increase sales, improve customer service, and inform business decisions. TouchBistro comes with 24/7 expert support from former servers, managers, & owners. TouchBistro has been designed to meet the unique needs and specific demands of the restaurant industry.
Restaurant reservation management software with direct access to over 97 million users on Yelp. Features include online reservations, walk-ins, waitlist management, pre-paid ticketing, future table assignment, and direct SMS with guests. No cover fees. Online reservation management software with direct access to over 97 million Yelp users.
Upserve POS is an industry-leading POS used by thousands of restaurants to power exceptional hospitality. Specifically designed by restaurant people, Upserve merges an easy to use interface with powerful POS features to modernize and streamline your restaurant operations. Combined with Upserves HQ and Upserve Payments, Upserve POS delivers the most advanced POS and restaurant management solution in the industry, purpose-built to improve guest experiences. POS for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes. Complete restaurant and bar management system.
Toast is an all-in-one POS and restaurant management system. Built specifically for foodservice, Toast is remarkably easy to use. Toast customers can easily fulfill orders, update online and in-house menus, and manage staff payroll. With online ordering, advanced real-time reporting and loyalty programs built in, Toast eliminates the need to juggle multiple vendors and dramatically cuts costs. Toast is an all-in-one POS and restaurant management system built to improve efficiency and dramatically cut costs.
Jolt is a tablet-based software used to manage daily operations for brands like Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, and Buffalo Wild Wings. Owners and managers get a real-time look at daily operations from their phone, and in-store tablets keep staff accountable and on task. Jolt includes a training library, drag-n-drop schedule builder, text notifications, a time clock, and more. Trusted in thousands of restaurants across the globe, Jolt has helped over 300,000 users complete over 700 million tasks. Jolt is an app used to manage daily operations and hourly workers, giving real-time feedback to restaurant owners and managers.
Epos Now offers business management solutions for small and mid-sized businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. The company provides point of sale (POS) hardware and industry-leading cloud-based software, which comes with the Epos Now AppStore for seamless integrations with payments, accounts, marketing, and other essential business tools. These scalable systems are tailored to individual business needs and come with full training. Premium support is also available 24/7. Cloud-based Point of Sale system trusted by 30,000 business owners. Try free for 30 days!
Craftable significantly lowers food, beverage, and labor costs by combining your vendor purchases with sales. We serve hospitality groups by simplifying ordering, payments, inventory management, electronic invoicing, and recipe and menu costing while reducing back-office labor hours. Our cloud-based platform is available to use on any device- desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Craftable serves single-site locations to multi-unit enterprise. We work with groups of all sizes. Craftable significantly lowers food, beverage, and labor costs by combining your vendor purchases with sales.
The owners of a multi-location restaurant franchise were looking for a solution to manage their employees. After countless web searches, they could not find the solution they wanted for a complete solution for time & attendance, employee scheduling and team communication. They decided to design their own complete system implementing some of their most successful business practices that have yielded well below average employee turn over in a high turnover industry. Start for FREE today! Web-based solution for time & attendance, employee scheduling, team communication and more! Start for FREE today!
Designed specifically with hospitality in mind, Kounta POS makes no compromises for straight retail. It's flexible to all different types and sizes of business. Behind the scenes is a security hardened database of all your most valuable data. You'll get the same kind of big business reporting and analytics tools for all your stores backed up, as everything happens. And it runs on anything: iPad, Android, Mac, PC or even legacy POS hardware, a fully featured, always available, mobile POS. Cloud based Point of Sale Software solution, can be used securely on any device, online or offline. Seamlessly connects to add-ons.
eZee BurrP! - A fully integrated Intuitive Restaurant POS Software is suitable to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs, quick service restaurant, delivery and other operations. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes eZee BurrP! a great system for your POS needs. Whether your restaurant is a single store or a part of nation wide chain, we will help you achieve simplicity in restaurant management. eZee BurrP! works on touch screen as well as on desktops. eZee BurrP! is a fully integrated Intuitive Restaurant POS Software suitable to work in restaurants, bars, night clubs and more.
Provides an industry leading, user friendly online ordering system for individual restaurants, multi-store chains, takeaways, delis, cafes, convenience stores and franchises. Online ordering websites and apps for single and multi-store chains and franchises
Schedulefly is the simplest restaurant and hospitality employee scheduling software. By far. Life is easier for over 300,000 successful independent restaurant people at over 7,000 restaurants because of Schedulefly. It's smooth. Crisp. Clean. Straightforward. Makes staff scheduling and communication a breeze. Mobile access. Text alerts. Message wall, document storage, job postings, shift notes. Schedulefly has grown through word of mouth, one customer at a time, since 2007. www.schedulefly.com Schedulefly is the simplest restaurant and hospitality employee scheduling software. Schedule and communicate w/ staff from anywhere.
FreshCheq simplifies day to day operations. Save time and money with operating procedures such as store checklists, temp logs, food waste logs, audits, corrective actions, reporting and more. Improve employee workflow and accountability. NO expensive hardware is needed. Actionable and immediate dashboard reporting at all levels of the organization from any smart device or computer. FreshCheq's platform has helped many brands such as Moe's, Buffalo Wild Wings, KFC and more. Cloud-based platform that allows businesses to improve operational processes with task management, audits, food waste logs and more.
Oracle MICROS Simphony POS is built for the food and beverage industry, and designed to make your business more efficient. Our cloud-based POS connects every aspect of your operations so you can easily manage online orders, kitchen ops, inventory and menus, delivery, loyalty and more. Real-time analytics are included so you always have a pulse on sales, costs, and staff performance. Simphony's open API & extensive cloud marketplace gives you unlimited flexibility, agility, and scale. Oracle MICROS Simphony POS fits every restaurant size & format: casual, quick service, independent, franchises, pubs, stadiums & more.
Harbortouch point of sale will revolutionize your business without breaking the bank. Why pay thousands of dollars up-front for a POS system you're not sure will fit your needs? Instead, take advantage of Harbortouch's 30-day free trial and take a POS test drive. And don't forget to ask about our free POS program - your cash flow will thank you! Harbortouch provides a lifetime equipment warranty, onsite installation and training, and 24/7 technical support. Harbortouch provides point of sale systems for the hospitality and retail industries. Ask us about our FREE POS program!
The first POS made for quick-service and takeaway restaurants that bridges online and regular orders. Koomi stops customer-loss during your rush and features a fully-integrated ordering app for takeaway and delivery and integrates directly with Uber Eats mobile ordering app. The first POS made for quick-service restaurants, takeaway and on-the-go customers made to streamline your operations.
Save hours weekly, drive patrons through your door and engage your customers with Evergreen. Automate updates to your food & drink lists across digital, web, print, Facebook & Google menus; drive traffic via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram; streamline inventory management; manage reviews; and more. Get started: evergreenhq.com 5 stars for a reason! Save time, drive patrons through your door and boost revenue with your easy-to-use dashboard evergreenhq.com
Serving the New York, DC and Miami regions, ChefMod has been developed specifically for the independently owned restaurant, and is the only full-process restaurant Group Purchasing Organization in the United States. Easy-to-use cloud-based Software is combined with superior account management Services and unbeatable programs to create a customized, professional solution for your business. Service based online software solutions to help restaurant owners and chefs manage the entire purchasing lifecycle.
PointOS was founded by bar and restaurant professionals to provide a cost effective, full-featured and user-friendly restaurant management platform that helps restaurants and bars operate more efficiently and profitably. The PointOS platform provides an all in one point of sale system with features ranging from inventory and labor forecasting, to detailed reports and analytics that help you to make the right decisions for your business. PointOS is a Restaurant Management Platform providing a cost effective, full-featured and user-friendly restaurant management platform.
Zenput is how top operators elevate team execution in every store. Restaurant, retail, and other multi-unit operators such as Chipotle, Domino's, and 7-Eleven use the platform to automate how operating procedures and key initiatives are rolled-out and enforced. Supporting 40,000 locations in over 35 countries, Zenput makes every field and store employee more productive and better equipped to do their jobs well. Restaurant, retail, and other multi-unit operators use Zenput to elevate team execution in every store.
Aloha EPOS is a reliable and easy to use restaurant management system which is ideal for bar, hotel and restaurant groups. It's the total solution and with Aloha you will be able to connect all the elements of running your operations from one single solution so you can concentrate on growing your business. It includes: Labour management Stock control Centralised data management Tableside ordering Loyalty and marketing And much more! Aloha EPOS is a reliable and easy to use restaurant management system which is ideal for bar, hotel and restaurant groups.
GOFRUGAL Restaurant Management Software helps to manage restaurant billing, inventory tracking, recipe management, kitchen order taking, free accounting, table layout, call order management & more, in the form of complete business automation solutions paired with mobile apps and cloud solutions, our technological footprint has grown to benefit of 2500+ restaurant businesses across 60+ countries.Our key focus is on providing a great customer experience with our digital solutions ERP made easy for Restaurant businesses Plan your production based on orders, reducing inventory wastage & pilferage
Push Operations is a cloud based employee management system made for restaurants. Payroll, scheduling, time & attendance, HR management and onboarding. See real time labor forecasting and integrate with your POS. Pick the components of the platform your business needs to tailor your employee management system to you. Software Crafted for Restaurants. A platform to schedule, track time, process payroll, onboard employees and forecast labor costs.
Full hospitality management software covering the complete cycle of a F & B business from bill to bill. POS (quick service, seated service, delivery service, catering) Back Office (stock, inventory, purchasing, wholesale, CRM, delivery dispatching, bread selling tools, pastry vendor selling tool, recipe costing and production, table reservation, multi-chain franchise management, accounting, time & Attendance, marketing tools, 500+ reports... Easy-to-use & advanced solution for the hospitality management & the food service industries with 4000+ installations in 23+ countries.
Restaurant Systems Pro will easily provide a multiple ROI. There is a risk free 90 day money back guarantee. Comprehensive restaurant software for independent restaurant owners providing systems for the whole restaurant. Connects to many POS systems. RSP system provides more support than a franchisee will get from their franchiser. A spreadsheet can work but this is finally something you can delegate. RSP has multiple systems all connected and in one place. Unlimited users for your whole team. A done for you franchise level system for new franchises and independent restaurant owners. Finally delegation with accountability!
MeazureUp's digital checklist app lightens the burden of managing paper checklists, messy temperature log books, and field audits by digitizing all of your custom checklists. MeazureUp is used by top operators and training teams in multi-unit restaurants around the world, including Spur Restaurant Group, MOD Pizza, Burger's Priest and Golden Chick. Supporting thousands of locations worldwide, MeazureUp makes checklists simple, which helps make your employees do their jobs well. MeazureUp helps multi-unit restaurants ensure consistency and accountability with a digital checklist app.
When success depends on superior service, you need flexible POS software and Back-Office solutions for managing every aspect of your restaurant business. From the store level to corporate head office, Maitre'D software gives you the control you need to increase speed, efficiency and profits. Maitre'D POS solutions can help you streamline your operations, whether you're running a bar, a hotel, a dining room, or a take-out counter. Offers specialized POS software solutions for table service and quick service restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts.
Shore is the leading software solution for restaurants with features including online booking, customer management and digital marketing. With Shore, your customers can book appointments 24/7 and you won't have to spend unnecessary time on the phone. Reduce no-shows with up to 50% with automated reminders, and keep your customers coming back with a smart customer database and newsletter function. The all-in-one software solution: Customer Management + Online Booking System + Shiftplanning + Marketing tools + Automated reminders
Learning management system (LMS) for restaurants and hotels that provides an employee development solution optimized for hourly workforces with high turnover prevalent in the hospitality industry. This user-friendly system brings together a feature-rich LMS, performance management, insightful talent quality metrics, and our industry-leading training content into a single, integrated, mobile-friendly platform. LMS optimized for hospitality businesses, combining an award-winning LMS with a library of industry-leading e-learning courses.
Restaurant POS tool that provides sales analysis and operations through real-time alerts, gift cards, and caller ID information. Restaurant POS tool that provides sales analysis and operations through real-time alerts, gift cards, and caller ID information.
AccuPOS Point of Sale creates a fast and simple solution for your restaurant and retail environments. Easy for employees to use and deliver a great customer experience at checkout. Works with any modern Windows and Android devices anywhere in the world. AccuPOS Point of Sale creates a fast and simple solution for your restaurant and retail environments.
Restaurant365 restaurant management software is used to efficiently manage key restaurant operations. Experience greater control and visibility over food and labor costs, automate tedious accounting tasks and access robust reporting. Data is accessed in real-time on any device via our powerful POS integrations and excellent support. Restaurant365 is cloud-based so your information is always at your fingertips making accounting, inventory, scheduling, and month-end accounting painless. Restaurant365 is a cloud-based Accounting and Back Office solution for multi-unit restaurant businesses.
PeachWorks, formerly WhenToManage, is a leader in solutions for managing back-of-house restaurant operations. Our next-generation restaurant operating system with a host of apps (applications) and tools simplifies everything from reporting, inventory management, employee scheduling, and POS Intelligence to recipe management. Cloud-based anywhere, any device access makes daily tasks easier, simpler and faster for everyone from small independents to large corporate franchise restaurant groups. Streamline back-of-house restaurant operations with cloud-based apps and tools for reporting, inventory, scheduling, recipe management
BlueCart streamlines and modernizes the entire procurement process from end to end reducing errors while improving the bottom line for restaurants and suppliers. Chefs use BlueCart to manage their whole back of house from one web and mobile platform with features like ordering, inventory management, budgeting and order checkin. Suppliers use BlueCart to automatically organize their incoming orders, manage their customers and organize their deliveries. Chefs use BlueCart to place all their orders in one click. Suppliers use BlueCart to automatically organize those orders.
Workforce OS by Harri is a total-talent solution for restaurants. Comprising 30+ modules, businesses can streamline the process of building and managing teams that support the entire employee lifecycle. Source, hire, onboard, develop, schedule, manage time & attendance, and use powerful analytics to optimize your workforce on a single app. With 400,000 job seekers and 9,000 employers, the Workforce OS is a best in class platform for restaurants to solve their labor-related challenges. The best way for restaurants to build and manage their teams from one platform.
HungerRush helps restaurants compete in the toughest business on earth. There's a ton of options. Loyalty is hard to get. And preferences are changing fast. Our integrated restaurant management system helps you master operational efficiency, create awesome guest experiences with ease, and squeeze customer data for every last drop of insight. All so you can focus on doing what you love: serving great food. Our restaurant management system helps you master operations, engage guests and market like a pro.
clickBACON is a food, beverage and labor cost dashboard designed for independent restaurants. If you don't know your recipe costs and don't want to spend hours every week taking inventory and updating prices, clickBACON is for you. Guessing is not a plan for success. You need quick access to real numbers to make the right decisions. ClickBACON will help increase your restaurant's profit by quickly helping you create a budget and then track your expenses against that budget in real time! Helps independent restaurant owners increase restaurant profit by providing real-time tracking of food, labor and beverage costs.
Affordable, easy to use, feature rich, and 100% multi-lingual restaurant point of sale and store management solution. Affordable, easy to use, feature rich, and 100% multi-lingual restaurant point of sale and store management solution.
SpotOn Restaurant is the lightning-fast POS system your business deserves, designed by people who know restaurants for people who run restaurants. Our team of experts will work closely with you to build a POS system to your unique requirements, so you can focus on whats important-creating an amazing experience for your customers. Our hardware is robust and reliable, ready for the demands of a hard-working environment. SpotOn Restaurant is the lightning-fast POS, designed by people who know restaurants for people who run restaurants
Ordyx POS is a state of the art hybrid point of sale system for restaurants of all sizes. With Ordyx, you can manage your restaurant from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. As manager, you can know exactly what is happening in the restaurant in terms of everything from open orders to current inventory levels. You can even approve voids or comps via your smartphone and/or receive alert text messages to you phone when selected events occur at the stores. For bars and restaurants, Ordyx POS features inventory management, and loyalty programs, compatible with iOs, Windows, and Android.
Slurp is a cloud-based iPad Point-of-Sale software suitable for small to medium size restaurants & cafes. Simple & intuitive POS to help grow your F&B business towards greater heights. Take orders quicker, sell faster, train staff easier & track accurate sales data. Our customers love Slurp's easy to understand sales data. Merchants can make adjustments & cater their customers better by serving them what they like the most. Sign up for a free demo today! A cloud-based iPad point-of-sale software that helps F&B retailers improve their business efficiency and enhance customer experience.
One of the most integrated pos systems in the market place for quick service, fine dining, coffee shops, bars and night clubs. One of the most integrated pos systems in the market place for quick service, fine dining, coffee shops, bars and night clubs.
CAKE Guest Manager is a waitlist, reservation, and table management system. Guests are alerted via text message when their table is ready. A glance at a guest's visit history lets you greet them with a personal touch, while a real-time view of your floormap provides accurate wait times. Making smarter decisions from the host stand helps you make every guest feel like a VIP, so you can eliminate walkaways and seat up to 7% more guests. Restaurant waitlist, reservation, and table management system to help you eliminate walkaways and seat up to 7% more guests.
Square for Restaurants is here: our built-from-scratch platform of software, hardware, and payments that streamlines your whole restaurant or bar operation. Stay on top of your tables, by customizing your floor plan with all the sections you need.From breakfast to lunch and seasonal specials, create all the menus you need and swap them out in a tap. Customize just about everything. Easy and expedited reports for every little thing. Try it free for 30 days! Run your restaurant how you've always wanted (faster) with Square for Restaurants. It's built for front of house and back of house.
FREE ONLINE ORDERING SOFTWARE FOR ALL NEW CUSTOMERS. True tableside ordering and payment. Powerful Cloud-Secure POS System. Fully EMV & PCI compliant with the most robust offline mode in the industry. Enjoy rich features such as customized floors, advanced check splitting, gift cards, timed discounts, customizable reports, drag & drop menu building, food costing, ingredient level inventory & more. TWO WEEK FREE SOFTWARE TRIAL. The Next-Gen Restaurant POS System: Easier, Faster, Modern
Squirrel is your operation on its best day, every day. We were the first in the world to offer a touchscreen point-of-sale system. We were the first to build on an open architecture, and the first to meet the challenge of EMV compliance. We were the first truly multi-platform system, giving our world-class customers the choice to bring iOS, Android, or Windows devices onto the floor. We elevate your guest experience by giving you everything you need for better flow. Our POS touchscreen was the world's first. Today, we lead with an unparalleled platform, excellent support & the spirit of partnerships
ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) is the industry leading kitchen display system (KDS), with more than 80,000 global installs. Trusted for more than 24 years, start slashing your ticket times, boosting food quality, and reducing waste. Recent enhancements include off-premise dining add-ons and more than 65 POS integrations. CSK is trusted by restaurants in all segments, ranging from independents to international chains. Learn more today! ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK) is the industry leading kitchen display system. Slash your ticket times, boost food quality & reduce waste.
OVVI POS software offers a wide range of options that can meet the demanding needs of the hospitality & Retail industries. Our POS software enables restaurateurs & retailers to improve the profitability of their business through faster and more accurate order processing, multiple integrated modules like customer interface, employee interface, and access to 70+ reports. Ovvi Software comes with 600+ features, Online Ordering, Delivery App Integration, Accounting & Payroll Integration and more. OVVI is your One Stop POS Shop that can meet the demanding needs of hospitality & Retail industries.
FREE Software And Hardware!! Our Restaurant point of sale system is built for Quick Service and Table service restaurants. It enables businesses owners to accept payments, upload menus, track customers, manage inventory, provide loyalty incentives and run business analytics for real-time insights to improve business performance. With access to a suite of sophisticated tools more powerful and intuitive than the enterprise systems used by retail giants, at a fraction of the cost. Merchant Account Solutions offers over 35 personalized Point of sale solutions for every business, big and small.
Compeat is the leading provider of integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligence solutions designed specifically for restaurants. With over 19 years of industry experience, Compeats solutions are designed to maximize restaurant profitability and control prime cost through actionable business intelligence. Compeat's portfolio has Accounting, Inventory, Intelligence, Logbook, Labor, Schedule, and integrations with 80 Point of Sale partners.
CrunchTime is the leading restaurant management platform for multi-unit operators. Our mission is to provide exceptional technology tools and solutions to help our customers reduce their food & beverage costs and optimize their labor and workforce efficiencies. CrunchTime is the Food & Labor Operations Platform for Multi-unit Restaurants.
From neighborhood restaurants to international, multi-concept hospitality groups, SevenRooms empowers operators to create and cultivate meaningful, direct relationships with guests and deliver exceptional guest experiences. The reservation, seating and guest engagement platform gives operators the tools they need to develop direct relationships with guests, boosting revenue and enabling personalized service and marketing. An operations, marketing, & guest engagement platform for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs & entertainment venues.
A POS only or complete restaurant operating system with modules that include table management, paging, inventory, etc. A POS only or complete restaurant operating system with modules that include table management, paging, inventory, etc.
Poster is a cloud-based point of sale system with tools to cover all your restaurant management needs. Keep track of your inventory, income and expenses, staff and menu performance, and much more! All of your data is accessible through Poster¿s management console, with ingredient-level inventory management and detailed reports and performance insights. Our customer support managers are always available to give you advice, so that you can get the most out of your restaurant management software! Poster offers you a complete suite of restaurant management tools. Simple to use, easy to install.
Cloud-based POS platform that lets restaurants facilitate workflow processes with inventory tracking, guest management and more. Cloud-based POS platform that lets restaurants facilitate workflow processes with inventory tracking, guest management and more.
Simplify Field Visits Action Cards mobile operations management software helps to simplify and optimize unit-level operations. Equipping the management team with Action Card can help drive consistency, meet quality standards, and uphold brand requirements through a visible and approachable location inspection. Remove your dependency on paper, laminated sheets or mis-calculated spreadsheets and bring efficiency and accountability to your business processes. Action Card's operations management software simplifies how operations & brand standards are managed across multiple locations
Linga POS is the best-value Cloud-based iPad POS for restaurants and bars. Linga iPad POS runs every type of restaurant from QSR to fine dining, pizzerias, enterprise franchises and sports stadiums. Linga has one of the most innovative feature sets, with integrated call waiting and reservations, Caller ID, central kitchen and warehouse, inventory management and food cost tracking to the ingredient level, marketing and customer loyalty management, kiosks, call center integration, and much more. Linga POS is the best-value Cloud-based iPad POS for restaurants and bars. Great for QSR franchises.
It is a mobile-friendly solution made for restaurants. Features include scheduling, finances, human resource management and more. It is a mobile-friendly solution made for restaurants. Features include scheduling, finances, human resource management and more.
Kitchen CUT is a cloud-based system that transforms F&B operations, with access from any device, anywhere. The system includes features such as Supplier Management, Allergen Tracking, Nutritional Analysis, Recipe Costing & Menu Planning, Stock Control, Wastage Tracking and Buffet Analysis among many others. Kitchen CUT combines an understanding of operational pressures with insightful and detailed financial performance reporting, whatever your business size, wherever you are. Kitchen CUT's cloud-based solution delivers real-time intelligence, transforming F&B operations of any size, globally, on any device.
Boostly's Retention & Loyalty Platform automatically engages customers via text to drive incremental visits and generates 10X the monthly 5-star reviews while keeping negative reviews from showing up publicly on Yelp or Google. Acquire new customers with our referral programs. Get access to customer data for your 3rd Party Delivery orders and remarket to them to come in via lower cost channels. Request a demo! Automatically text your customers to drive more incremental visits, & get more reviews & new customers.
"The Instagram of Staff Training" - Deliver short bursts of information to your team in a mobile and modern format and attach a quick quiz to ensure consumption. Products, policies, procedures - deliver consistent training messaging in an easy to consume (and easy to create!) format. We have a library of pre-made content, content services to create custom modules for you, or the option to upload videos from your phone and attach a quiz! Yesterday's tools won't engage today's learners! An Instagram-style training feed that boosts sales and elevates the consumer experience by engaging & educating your front line team!
Use Resy FREE through 2020! Resy can help your restaurant manage reservations, waitlists, takeout, virtual events, and more with no cover fees. For full-service restaurants looking to expand their brand beyond the host stand, streamline operations, decrease no-show rates and increase profitability; Industry low no show rate of 2.3%. Over 5,000 restaurants. Resy can help your restaurant manage reservations, waitlists, takeout & virtual events w/ no cover fees. Use Resy FREE through 2020!
Restaurant management system with point-of-sale programs for home delivery and a multi-plan Frequent Diner program. Restaurant management system with point-of-sale programs for home delivery and a multi-plan Frequent Diner program.
Trusted by the most notable brands around the globe, Silverware is a leading developer of advanced technologies for the Hospitality Industry. Our mission is to drive efficiency and improve the profitability of its clients by relentlessly delivering the most innovative solutions on the market. Silverware works to enhance every aspect of the guest experience, from when the first customer walks in, until the last one walks out. Cloud-based and on-premise solution that allows restaurants to streamline point-of-sale operations with scheduling, reporting and more.
Turn-key solutions for restaurants which leverage our knowledge of the restaurant industry and ability to adapt to industry standards. Turn-key solutions for restaurants which leverage our knowledge of the restaurant industry and ability to adapt to industry standards.
Compeat and Ctuit have combined to offer the most comprehensive and innovative all-in-one restaurant management software available for the restaurant industry. With over 34 years of industry experience, we are the largest provider of integrated accounting, back office, workforce and business intelligences solutions designed to improve profitability of restaurant operators nationwide. Our product portfolio includes Hire, Labor Management and Compliance, Schedule, Payroll, Accounting, Inventory, Compeat and Ctuit have combined to offer the most comprehensive and innovative all-in-one restaurant management software available.
Software for restaurants and bars to manage their beverage inventory in real time with up to date pour levels and transaction reports. Software for restaurants and bars to manage their beverage inventory in real time with up to date pour levels and transaction reports.
Launched in 2012, POSist is a leading cloud-based restaurant technology platform suited for restaurants of all sizes. POSist offers scalable, reliable, and easy to use point-of-sale technology, enabling businesses to automate operations, integrate with aggregators, delight guests, and grow their revenue. Headquartered in New Delhi, POSist has 100 employees, with offices in Dubai, Mexico, New York, Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai & Pune. POSist is trusted by over 8,000 restaurants in 20 countries A complete restaurant technology platform helping businesses improve revenue and guest delight.
Cloud-based omnichannel platform of choice by retail and restaurant chains seeking to accelerate innovation and omnichannel execution. Its flexible technology allows to achieve greater agility and innovation, with lower IT costs, for more differentiated and personalized customer experiences across all channels, through key capabilities such as a web & mobile POS, CRM & Clienteling, OMS engine, price and discount management, mobile inventory or connectors with solutions such as SAP or Magento. Cloud-based omnichannel platform of choice by retail and restaurant chains seeking to accelerate innovation and omnichannel execution.
Laalsa is Indias first complete, connected and tech enabled Food Dine-In, Ordering and Fulfillment Platform for food industry. Our comprehensive restaurant business software solution is for Quick Service Restaurant, Food Chains, Casual, Fine Dine Restaurants, Ba
MarginEdge is the only solution to offer restaurant operators a platform to process their invoices digitally plus integrate with their POS system, to bring paperless efficiency to their back-of-house operations. For multi-unit operators and independents alike, MarginEdge radically streamlines key activities, like invoice entry and vendor bill payment, while providing powerful tools for live budget and cost-tracking, inventory and recipe management, and online ordering. By simply taking pictures. MarginEdge is the only restaurant management platform to remove data entry while giving restaurants deep insights into daily operations
Web-based restaurant management software that enables small restaurants to large hotel chains to manage workforce, food costs, productivity, expenses, guest experience and more through predictive decision making. Food & beverage revenue reporting and business intelligence tool that converts POS & labor data from multiple systems.
UNION POS is a fast, intuitive and customizable iPad-based POS built for high-touch, high-volume venues. Designed with "fewest taps" in mind and featuring a real-time view of customer order history and habits, UNION helps venues stay focused on the customer instead of the screen. Venues receive 24/7 customer support, and monthly software updates that include new features and the guarantee of ever-enhancing performance, all at no extra cost. Craft great experiences and know every customer with UNION the easiest, smartest, most cost-effective point of sale on the planet.
Customer engagement tool specifically for restaurants. Give your customers (and staff) an easier way to select wine that leads to higher sales. It's the perfect opportunity for you to stand out with exceptional customer service. With QUIN SOMM system your customers (and staff) walk themselves through a simple selection process that's elegant and effective. On any mobile. You also have the power to prioritize the products they see, to maximize sales of any wine. Pair the wine you want to sell with the customer that will enjoy it the most. More sales and an enhanced customer experience.
Cap Cadeau is a solution designed for professionals in the hotel, restaurant, wellness, tourism and leisure industry offering in a single interface the means to sell gift vouchers and vouchers via : - An E-commerce module that can be integrated on the websites of the establishments. - A sales interface in physics - Distribution on partner sites and marketplace to boost the visibility of the offers. Everything is grouped together in a single tool for easy management. Cap Cadeau est une solution de gestion de bons cadeaux et bons d'achats pour les professionnels.
Restaurant management software featuring: Recipe and Liquor Costing, Sales Analysis, POS Integration, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Ordering, Vendor/Supplier Integration, Accounting Integration, Enterprise for Multi Unit Chains, Mobile Counting App (iPad and iPhone), Multiple Revenue Centers for Hotels and Casinos and Nutritional Analysis. Optimum Control is your complete Restaurant Management Solution.
You need the right tools to manage your operations in an organized manner. Information must be at your finger tips to make operational decisions on the fly. Recipe Costing Software is a restaurant management platform that is powerful and easy to use. Most importantly, were not going to over charge you. Weve been in the restaurant business and we know that every penny counts. Cloud-based restaurant management software, recipe costing, inventory control, vendor pricing comparison, and integrated point of sale.
For a stand-alone fine-dining restaurant, bar, cafe, QSR, pub or a chain of restaurants, FusionResto is a comprehensive restaurant management software that provides point-of-sale, billing, kitchen-order-printing, food costing, store control, menu management, financial accounting, payroll, customer loyalty program and restaurant analytics. Unlike other restaurant software, it's simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to reduce operational cost, increase efficiency & make profits sooner. Restaurant Software -FusionResto software lets you manage & run your restaurant business more efficiently through intuitive features.
Plate IQ is an online accounts payable automation software that saves time, increases the accuracy of restaurants data, and provides timely insights into their spend. We use OCR technology to extract invoice data down to the line item, automatically coding purchases to the appropriate GL. That data powers your AP, reporting, and integrates with top restaurant accounting and inventory software. Make your restaurant's accounts payable process painless with an online AP automation solution.
As a cloud-based POS software solution, Brink does not require a back office computer, and all your data is safe, secure, and accessible in the cloud. Adopting the PAR SaaS, or Software as a Service model, Brink POS is provided as a monthly subscription, and will proudly earn your business every month. There are no upfront licensing fees, and upgrades are included and performed automatically. Cloud-based Point of Sale software that easily adapts to support the evolving needs of customers.
Parsley is a modern, intuitive, mobile web app that handles recipe costing and scaling, provide nutrition facts, generates prep lists, calculates par levels, places and tracks orders, and manages inventory, freeing chefs to focus on food and customer satisfaction. Parsley saves chefs 5-10 hours a week, reduces food cost by 5-18%, and improves customer satisfaction and restaurant income. A modern, intuitive, mobile web app for chefs, that handles the tedious tasks usually done with spreadsheets, pen and paper.
Efficiently manage the back-of-house operations of your restaurant business. Keep track of food cost and improve your margins thanks to real-time inventory, smart procurement and detailed sales analytics Manage & automate your stock and orders. Whether you operate one restaurant or multiple sites, Apicbase provides you the tools to manage your restaurant business. Start managing your restaurant more efficiently with Apicbase today! One or multiple outlets, Apicbase provides you the tools to manage the back-of-house operations of your restaurant business
Make your reservations a piece of cake! Manage your online booking schedule but also add phone reservations on the fly. Get your business in front of more people with Facebooks messenger bot. Showcase your menu and accept online bookings. No coding skills needed, get your website up and running with a few clicks! Set seating hours and pricing, and manage all your booking slots easily from our interactive scheduler. Bring in more customers and spread the word about your business with our intuitive restaurant reservation system.
Trusted by companies all across the US since 2016, we're dedicated to providing the best, most flexible ecommerce solution for meal prep services. Free up your time by removing manual or repetitive tasks. Take orders, issue discounts, manage customers, sell recurring subscriptions, prep with auto-totaled meals & ingredients, print labels, track deliveries, and more: all from a convenient, custom dashboard. Personalized onboarding with initial data import included with every signup. The dedicated ecommerce platform for growing meal prep services. Freeing up owners' time since 2016.
Dinerware restaurant POS software was created to help bars and restaurants run smoothly from the restaurateurs point of view. Our vision is to make hospitality POS radically easier to use and more reliable, while constantly innovating and supporting an open platform for integration. Dinerwares intuitive user interface lets you spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time with your guests, and our solid technological platform ensures high reliability you can count on. Dinerware Intuitive POS software offers the flexibility to manage your business your way.
ResDiary is a flat-fee, online reservation system designed to help hospitality operators run a smooth service. Over 9000 restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels across the world use ResDiary to manage their bookings, from taking online reservations to managing tables, selling tickets, and taking online payments. The software delivers market-leading yield and table management technology, while helping build customer databases and profiles to develop relationships and loyalty. ResDiary is a flat-fee, online reservation system designed to help hospitality operators run a smooth service
iPad point of sale system for single or multi-location restaurants. Interfaces with hotel property management systems. iPad point of sale system for single or multi-location restaurants. Interfaces with hotel property management systems.
Inventory and Ordering System for Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs. Free ongoing customer support. One click inventory ordering and budget creation. Real time recipe costing. Weekly budget forecasting using sales trends, upcoming weather conditions and event tracking. Free full feature mobile app included. Low cost with rich features. Inventory and Ordering System for Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs
eDeliveryApp is the ONLY online food ordering system built with MOBILE-FIRST APPROACH.It has Website, Android & iOs Apps.. Built for food industry, It can be also be used for businesses that do local delivery like grocery shops etc. The system can be used for Single restaurant or a Multi-restaurant commissions based business with complete delivery tracking & driver management. We offer 100's of designs & multiple modules to customize and personalize each business & fullfil unique requirements. eDeliveryApp is the ONLY online food ordering system built with MOBILE-FIRST APPROACH. The system has Web & Android Apps with Admin.
SynergySuite gives multi-unit restaurants the insight and tools they need to manage the back office. Our cloud-based, mobile-first platform simplifies back-of-house management for brands like Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Beef OBradys and Costa Vida. SynergySuite customers save an average of 4-6% on food and labor costs, using SynergySuites streamlined modules for inventory, purchasing, recipe costing, food safety, scheduling, cash management, human resources and business intelligence. The best all-in-one, back-of-house platform for multi-unit restaurants, to manage inventory, scheduling, ops, HR, food safety and more!
Practi is a powerful, all-in-one operating system for restaurants. More than just an EPOS, Practi can integrate with delivery platforms like Just Eat so that you can manage all of your incoming orders from one place. With an easy to use app that works on iOS or Android tablets, a cloud-based Back Office where you can make changes to your menu with a few clicks and a full set of sales analytics features, Practi is the only system your restaurant needs. Practi's iPad cloud based Point of Sale system offers a single point of profound control over your business, from any smart device.
Tock is a reservation, table, and event management system used by restaurants, wineries, and pop-ups around the world. Tock is a reservation, table, and event management system used by restaurants, wineries, and pop-ups around the world.

Restaurant Management Software Buyers Guide

What is restaurant management software?

Restaurant management software automates the daily workflows in a restaurant. It offers a broad range of features that include basic business needs, such as accounting, customer contact information, and supplier data, as well as restaurant-specific requirements such as guest management, order management, kitchen management, and table reservations.

The software also automates guests scheduling and inventory control. It integrates with point of sale (POS) hardware to manage orders and billing process.

The benefits of restaurant management software

  • Enhances customer experience: Foundational pillar for the growth of the food industry is to enhance the customer experience and building a good relationship with them. Modern restaurant management software improves consumer experience by providing facilities such as online table bookings, real-time visibility into table availability at the restaurant, and mobile payments. 
  • Segments and retains customers: Nowadays, restaurant management software is able to bucket customers on the basis of their order size and number of visits, which, in turn, helps managers to formulate effective marketing strategies. A modern-day software is a data powerhouse which records customer information such as name, contact details, and transactions and learns customer preferences which help in delivering more satisfying services to the customers. 
  • Improves staff communication and coordination: Mismanagement and miscommunication can create a messy affair for any restaurant. Therefore, it is imperative for restaurants to engage their staff in the right way. With modern restaurant management software into place, waiters can coordinate with backend as well as front end staff, that keep all of them in sync with the right set of information. Waiters, nowadays, use handheld devices that let kitchen staff know about the order, that reduces the waiting time, and transmits the transaction information to the cashier as well, that leads to correct billing. Thus, making a restaurant well managed and confusion-free.

Typical features of restaurant management software

  • Table management: Assigns staff to each table and coordinates the table services.
  • Billing and invoicing: Creates and manages monetary transactions, such as bills and invoices, between clients, suppliers, and customers.
  • Reservation management: Allows online table booking from a web browser or an app. It helps you manage table reservations, resources, and staff based on the bookings received.
  • Inventory management: Tracks, manages, and controls the quantity and supply of resources to maintain optimal levels of stock. Generates reports that detail the food costs and current pricing of various items.
  • Kitchen management: Helps to ease the communication between staff and the kitchen. Performs a kitchen inventory audit based on the orders received. Ensures food quality, safety, and that all the equipment is working properly.
  • Menu management: Allows real-time inventory monitoring so that you can build a menu accordingly.

Considerations when purchasing restaurant management software

  • Scalability: Restaurant management software shouldn’t be a quick purchase—keep in mind the long-term results and your future needs. You may plan to expand your restaurant into a chain or franchise in the future, which requires the software to be scalable and compatible. Some important features you’ll need to scale up are mobility, bandwidth, advanced analytics, and multi-branch add-ons. Checking for scalability will avoid having to shut down operations in the future as you expand.
  • Inventory control: Managing inventory and minimizing food waste, spoilage, and overproduction are major concerns of restaurant managers. They need software that takes care of the inventory to prevent overstocking, and thus, increase profitability. Integrating an inventory management module can help you track real-time inventory depletion and generate automatic purchase orders.
  • Ordering and payment options: The food and beverage industry is rapidly growing, which requires you to know about emerging trends and technology. Customers don’t like delays or worse, missed orders. That’s why restaurants are adopting ordering and payment features that employ new tech. Using handheld devices to take orders and mobile phones to make payments are two highly beneficial and useful upgrades. As most customers prefer tableside order and bill signing, consider adding these options.
  • Reporting capabilities: Data-driven software provides managers with clear visibility into the inventory, menus, guests, employees, and other aspects of the restaurant. But it’s also vital to analyze this data and gain insights for taking the right decisions. Consider adding data mining, analytics, and reporting tools to your restaurant management software. These will help restaurant managers reduce costs and increase revenue.
  • AI is taking customer service to the next level: Technological innovations are taking restaurant operations to a new height. With data being constantly recorded, restaurants are collecting their customers’ information, which is mined to decipher food trends and consumer habits. Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to play a large role in the food industry in the coming years. It can help restaurants extract customer information, analyze it, and develop menus as per customer preferences. Use it to enhance the customer experience and expectations, which in turn, increases revenue and profits. 
  • Facial recognition, mobile payments reshaping payment technology: Conventional payment methods are being replaced by new technologies. The increasing use of smartphones makes it convenient for many customers to use digital channels for payments . In fact, the estimated volume of mobile payments grew to 75% in 2018 . Keeping this in mind, restaurant management software vendors plan to add facial recognition as a payment method. For instance, Amazon Go is using cameras to recognize faces in stores and deduct the amount from customers’ Amazon wallets for the purchased products.