ALIS Alternatives

by Medtelligent

Explore alternatives to ALIS that are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. Review the following ALIS alternatives to see if there are any ALIS competitors that you should also consider in your software research.

Tabula Pro is the unparalleled provider of software that FITS YOUR NEEDS. Comprehensive and State-Customized EHR/eMAR Learn more about Tabula Pro
Affordable, platform independent web-based software solution customized to the needs of any size assisted living.
Affordable web-based resident charting, and billing software designed for complete management of assisted living facilities.
The leader in home care, hospice and senior living solutions has now created a unified enterprise platform in post-acute care
CareSuite by QuickMAR is a complete EHR Solution for Long Term Care Facilities. CareSuite is extremely easy to learn and works offline.
Enquire CRM was designed specifically for senior housing and post-acute care and can be customized for each clients needs.
Management software for Case Mgt.,assisted/independent living, group home, residential care facilities from a single unit to hundreds.
Daycenta is the ultimate management software solution for both Medical and Non-Medical Social Adult Day Care Centers.
Download ElderSuite now and take advantage of our No Risk - No Obligation - No Credit Card Required - Absolutely Free - 30 Day Trial.
iCareManager provides a flexible and comprehensive EHR system designed with regulations and compliances in mind.
SaaS digital plaform for senior living community based on big data, AI, IoT and Mobile.


by CareVision

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Software platform driving the Ultimate Client and Care Team experiences for Home Care, and Retirement Living Communities
Assisted living solution with EMAR, CRM, pharmacy interface, ADL, billing, dining and charting capabilities.
Healthcare & Information Management Software for Home & Community Care, Children Services and Long Term Care Organizations
Assisted living solution that enables businesses to manage care plans, schedules, documents, billing and more.

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